Facts On Ebola

Ebola has been on the news a lot lately. My sister works for Kaisers and she sent me the facts on Ebola. I just want to share it in case if you don’t know about it. CDC on Ebola. Facts on Ebola.

Free Lunch Cost In Public Schools

We listen to Dave Ross Commentator on the radio every day going home from work (we like to listen to his commentaries), yesterday we heard about school lunches again. Either hypocrites or parents who don’t want to feed their kids well force school to do it for them.  It’s only lunch, and the parents are […]

Early Flu 2013

I’ve never had a bad flu like the one I had last few weeks. It took 2 weeks for it to go away. I think the main fault was taking anti-biotic for the flu, my body had allergic reaction with this drug. I don’t take medicine of any kind ever. If I get sick, I […]

Schwinn 460 Elliptical

After the brother in-law @ 51 had quintuple (5)  bypass surgery, my wife decided to exercise more since her cholesterol level is about 220. We thought of getting a treadmill, but after looking at the ellipticals, we decided to get one. We read tons of reviews on different types of brands and models and we’re […]