outside lock

Taftek AML101 Non-Reversible Door Lock

The kids bathroom door lock was broken so I had to find one quickly, Amazon has one “non-reversible” door lock which fits our door perfectly for $10.99 in Satin Nickel. It took me less than 15 minutes to replace the old one with this one. It came with everything needed to install. Very sturdy, nice […]


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Moen Tilson Faucet

Costco Moen Tilson 84565SRN Faucet

Sometimes when we go to Costco and see some faucet on sale with a great price, we buy them and replace the old and rusty faucets in the bathroom. Costco had Moen Tilson 84565SRN model on sale for $44 which we couldn’t resist. We trust Moen brand for all our faucets needs. They’re nice looking, […]


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rusted hole
2015 | Bathrooms

Fix Rusted Holes In Iron Bathtub

   11/29/2021 So after 6 years, the original JBweld piece got loose and leaked water through the bottom to the garage ceiling. This time I bought a stainless steel metal plate and cut the ring and the hole to glue it to the tub using JBweld adhesive. We’re going to replace the old shower door, […]


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