Mr. I.

There are lots of sick people in this world, molest children for their pleasures. But also there are many falsely accusers out there. Well, we don’t know the truth until the case go to trial or one of the party made a statement, like Mr. I, killed himself for being accused of having lewd acts

No Child Left Behind

I a true believer in “US is the best place to live-raise a family”, all human rights are protected, especially with children are well taken care of by law. I always care for children regardless of who they are, color, races, backgrounds. I really support the No Child Left Behind act although I don’t really


Why people, who are tired of living, don’t just kill themselves instead of taking other people with them? Turned out they’re really murdered… San Francisco police discovered five adults dead in a home near City College of San Francisco Friday morning in a grisly crime that may have been a murder-suicide. Although police do not

Occupy Movements

Who are in the occupy movements and what’s occupy movements, I just heard, they occupy one place, trash it and move to the next so the city has to clean them. Occupy Wall Street Movement We are the 99 percent