Crazy Rich Asians, The Movie

My daughter is 14 and she insisted me to take her to see the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, based on the novel by Kevin Kwan and directed by , so after the High School’s orientation yesterday, we went to Century 25 theater near our home to catch the 3:25PM show. It was a $5 day, lucky me.

I’ve seen my mother in-law and VN friends watching the Asian soap operas online which I don’t really care for, to me, they’re extremely over sentimental, illogical, passive plots. I was skeptical about this “Crazy Rich Asians” going in.

I was surprised, the 2hr long movie, not many moments boring, although cliche, corny at times but it’s Chinese American movie so it’s different, well directed, witty and funny. I and the kids did enjoy the movie from the beginning to end. My daughter actually cried in the movie.

My son saw his favorite Audi R8 and many nice scenery in Singapore. I enjoyed the and and other new casts performance.

Crazy Rich Asians, the movie

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