Dining Room Pendant Chandelier

Again, our dining room chandelier is over 30 years old, we’ve been wanting to change it for many years now. This Christmas, we really pulled the trigger and get one from Lamps Plus since they had a great clearance sale. Our salesperson is extremely helpful. Anyhow, again, make sure the power is off before we do anything with electrical stuff – I even wear gloves with power off, just to be safe. Removing the old one first, then read instruction to install the new one, it’s very straight forward, we do need a ladder.

old chandelier     old chandelier

new chandelier     new chandelier with model

Since the ceiling is tilted with an angle, we should get an angle block to make the base straight, but the support steel cable is not really being kinked at the corner, we decided to put a rubber washer in the cable hole instead.

removing old fixture     removing old fixture

ready for new wiring     ready for new wiring

New Possini Pendant Chandelier (clearance). Wiring is easy, using the orange connectors, black to black, white to white and ground to ground.

new Possini Chandelier     new Possini Chandelier

new light     new light

new light     new ight base

The preset length for the cable and electrical wires were perfect with our ceiling, we didn’t have to adjust them at all.

new light base     new light works

This year, the dining room got a present for Christmas.

G4 20W Bulbs

Cheers and Merry Christmas

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