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Fixing Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Roller Belt

October 10, 2011 | 1,416 views |

I have no idea how my wife can vacuum the carpet and she managed to burn the rubber belt driving the roller under the vacuum cleaner. The smell was awful, the pin driving the belt keeps spinning and wearing off the belt which was held by the immobilized roller (caught by something). The belt finally worn out totally and torn away. The Hoover vacuum cleaner is over 4 years old and it’s been very reliable. It’s called self-propelling vacuum cleaner I believe, that’s why there is a belt driving the roller, helping to move forward better, and it did. After the belt broke, it’s extremely heavy to push forward. We went to Amazon and look for the part printed right on the belt itself = 38528 – 040 and these come in 2 on a package #40201190 which is sold for $2.38 free shipping from VacuumSupplyStore (I don’t know how they can make any money selling like this). Amazingly, it came in about a week. Now we can replace the belt and have one extra one for the next incident.

There are 5 philips head screws that need to be removed to take out the roller cover.

The belt is driven by a little metal shaft and the roller, the roller can be pulled straight out, but watch for the alignment when putting it back in.

Place the belt in both shaft and roller, then stretch the belt a little and push the roller in place, the left-side should go in first, then the belt side. Make sure the alignment is correct and both sides seat in all the way.

Put back the cover and make sure alignment is correct, it should snap in nicely, put back the screws and we’re done.

The roller sounds a little louder now, or it’s just my imagination because it’s been a week since I used it. I checked and nothing is in the way of the roller spinning. Anyhow, it’s functional and lighter now.



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