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Steve Jobs Dies At 56

October 6, 2011 | 422 views |

If you live in Silicon Valley and work for techs industries, you should know Steve Jobs, the genius behind all these famous music devices and non PC computers called iMacs. I was shocked to hear that Mr. Jobs died yesterday. I never worked for the guy, but I still feel sad, too young to die and there’s still so much that he can do for the world.

To me, what Mr. Jobs had done shows people that if you have a good looking, idiot-friendly (better than user friendly), functional in a common-sense design way and high quality, you can sell at any price and people still buy them.

The difference between Mr. Jobs (ipad) and Motorola’s CEO (xoom)  is that he will never ship any product to consumers “unfinished”.

Steve Jobs had proved that any devices can be improved with great innovation, Sony walkman was the best product ever for music and dominated the world in portable music devices, but that didn’t stop Mr. Jobs to create a new portable music player called ipod to take the market shares totally. He had great imagination and visions. Can someone actually replace Steve Jobs?

Wonderful Mind

May he rest in peace,


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