How To Find-Stop And Fix Hot Water Copper Pipe Pinhole Leaks Under The Slab

The pink house is 37 year old, last month the water and gas bill almost doubled. The bathroom floor is extremely warm, and we could hear the water rushing somewhere under the floor. We called the plumbers, some didn’t even come since it’s under the slab, one came and recommended to re-run the whole pipes through the attic down to all rooms, he looked at the 2 story house and left, never returned or texted us for a quote. I heard stories people ran pipes up the attic and bad job cause the water to splash down the ceiling, ruin everything in the house. We don’t really want to fix it ourselves, we can afford to pay someone to fix, but who can we really trust these days. We fix our own cars because we don’t want mechanics who had a bad day ruin our cars. So, I and my wife decided to start something unknown,  fix hot water leaks under the slab? If we don’t start, we’ll never finish. If we depend on people, we’re at their mercy regardless of they work for free or NOT. We trust our own quality integrity and “YES WE CAN”… Really. Don’t be afraid, it’s not rocket science.

Stop leaks with Push Fit Plug

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