Installing Bosch NGM5654UC On Granite Counter Top

Well, it’s that time again to improve our Pink House. This time it’s the gas cook top and the hood for our kitchen. We had to do some research on the hood and the 57500 total BTUs of the cook top (the higher BTU rated the hotter the burner). Bosch NGM5654UC is an older model from the new 800 series, we didn’t want to spend $300.00 more for the stainless steel knobs on the 800 series. All the BTUs are pretty much the same. The hood is rated by the CFM (CubicFeetperMinute), the average with one fan is about 250CFM, the Zephyr Hurrican series is rated 695CFM.

Shopping for these are also fun. On the internet, we found some great prices with free shipping, but beware, some websites claim to have free shipping but if we read carefully, they have diesel surcharge of $30.00 for transportation . We got our from AppliancesConnection and they’re great, it took exactly 10 days from the day we ordered to the day it got in our door and true free-shipping and other fees $859.00. The hood we got from a local Western Appliances for $489.


bosch.JPG bosch1.JPG

The old GE profile



Luckily, the hood is 36″ wide which the new zephyr fits perfectly. The only thing is that we had to make the anchor blocks for mounting the hood which the old one didn’t need. Removing the old GE was easy, just 2 screws on each side and it’s lifted straight out.

old hood regtangular openingold hood out

anchor block leftanchor block right

Marking all the screws position, installing screws and wire the new hood, the old cable is long enough for us to do it with ease.

wiring new hoodwiring new hood

Turn on the breaker, turn on the switch make sure everything works, lights, fans. 2 people are needed to lift the hood up to the mounting screws, aligned and slided it in. Tighten all the screws, peel off the the plastic cover and we have a nice hood.

new hood mountednew hood mounted


Since the old GE cook top is only 30″, we needed to cut the base to accommodate the new size 36″. The left side seemed to be aligned with the left hood, the right side is the one that needs to be extended. The width of the base was the same as the old one, so we didn’t have to do anything.

old GE topold GE top

The tools needed are shown in the video, we should use the wet blade to help with the dust, but it may get more dirty with the water and stuff. We had to clean everything after cutting the granite. We need to get new longer gas hose for the new cook top. The heavy duty one is a little hard to bend especially running through the other side of the divider. We lost a drawer due to the 36″ sise.

new gas hosenew hose and valve

lose a drawer

Anyhow, everything came out nice after a few hours of work


The new Bosch NGM5654UC and Zephyr AK2536S

And how we installed a 36″ over a 30″ cook top on granite counter top (very easy?)

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