Kindergarten And Preschool

Audie started kindergarten last September. We were concerned when she was on a long waiting list to be admitted  @ Ardenwood Elmentary. The school opened up a few more classes and she was admitted in an afternoon class which made us so happy. Now she’s in the morning class due to students dropped out or moved which made it even better for us. We went to the PTA meeting and met the teacher and the principle, they were very nice and the curriculum is excellent. Brando is also starting preschool this year, the same school that Audie went for 1 1/2 years. Centerville is a great preschool. Both A & B are very outgoing, confident and happy go lucky kind of kids (like Mr.LJones, who else). In the first 2 weeks of school, A & B love their classmates & being there.

Audie & the US flag, the little Teapot

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