Parents Visiting Day At Ardenwood Elementary


Every year, there are a few days called “open house” for parents to visit the class room where their children study and meet the teachers. We never missed any of them. Yesterday we went to visit Ardenwood Elementary again. It’s nice to see and meet other kids with their parent(s) in the same class with our children. It’s a benefit to see how our kids are doing with other kids and their teachers, how sociable, how shy, how well they get along with the class. We’re happy that our kids are doing well in both academically and socially.

[mybs data=”1″ title=”Audie’s Class”]

Audie created a comic book that’s actually look like one with both graphics and content.


[mybs data=”2″ title=”Brandon’s Class”]

Brandon really likes his teacher, Mrs. Hinkley, he didn’t even want to leave the class to visit Audie’s. He enjoys staying with his class mates and teacher even after a long day with them already.



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