President Weekend Ski Trip – Diamond Peak

Every ski season, we stayed in Grand Sierra Resort Hotel and ski at the Diamond Peak Ski Resort or Mt.Rose, this year, we skied at the Diamond Peak. We like it although it’s further away from Mt.Rose. We enjoy the views of the lake and the diamond trails are just right, not too hard and not too easy. We’re not hard core skiers.
We went on President weekend 2017, it was crowded so we knew to park at the College instead of driving to the resort and find out there wasn’t any parking space. Diamond Peak has shuttles to all these parking lots and pick up skiers. So don’t waste time on a busy day, just go to the extra parking lots and wait. The shuttles are running quite frequently, so the wait won’t be so long.
All trails are well groomed except some days with fresh snow and blizzards, the base lift is the LakeView, this one will take us all the way up to green and blue trails, from there, we take the green trail to Crystal lift, which goes to the top where all the blues and diamond trails are. The lift is quite fast, so we like this one.
The foods for lunch are quite tasty, the kids like them, they’re actually hot.
The prices never had any discounts because they’re pretty low compared to all the resorts around the area. We found some at Costco and we did save a few bucks.
The resort is great for beginners, although we thought the trails were quite narrow for the beginners to turn or stop, they should be wider like Mt.Rose green trails.
Over all, the trails are great, from LakeView, you can have some shorter diamond black trail back down which is great. Many blue trails along the way to the Advance Crystal lift. All blue trails are wide and quite easy to maneuver for beginners and intermediates.
On the top, the view of the lake is beautiful especially on a clear day. My whole family like Diamond Peak more than Mt.Rose where the kids used to learn how to ski. For ski classes, Mt. Rose is the best IMHO. We looked at the ski classes at the Diamond Peak, there were any slopes for the beginners to actually ski, we may be wrong.
Yes, Diamond Peak gets 5 stars for our skiing enjoyment.

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