Replace Leaking Water and Drain Hoses On Kenmore Dishwasher

First the dishwasher drain water surged out of the top air vent, then the water line leaked and finally the drain hose leaked. It’s time to replace and fix them all. We don’t use the dishwasher often, so the drain hose doesn’t get to use and clean the garbage disposal pipe much, for some reason the gunk and junk from the garbage disposal started to fill the hose and block it, hence the dishwasher drain water couldn’t go to the drain instead went to the top air vent.

I went to Lowes and Home Depot to look for the hoses, the 3/8″ dishwasher water hose is easy, but the drain hose is too small at the connector (1.25″), the part number for Kenmore or Frigidaire is the same 807117001 or 154753201.

S0, after cleaned out the big drain hose to the garbage disposal, lot of junk, the dishwasher drain water now doesn’t surge out to the air vent any more, it goes to the garbage disposal as it should.

Dishwasher Air Vent     Clogged dishwasher drain hose

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