Ebay Bad Returns and Inaccurate Seller Feedback System

When you buy some inexpensive merchandises from Ebay sellers, some sellers seem to intentionally sending you wrong or less expensive model hoping that you wouldn’t return due to high cost of shipping back to them. Ebay is quite fast in helping you to return the wrong merchandise but never mention that the cost of shipping back to the vendor should be paid by the sellers since it’s their fault and NOT the buyer, it’s FALSE advertising on Sellers part. When you decided to keep the wrong merchandise, although it’s a lesser model but functional, because it cost too much to ship it back to get the refund, and leave a NOT so positive feedback, Ebay removed your feedback to make sure the bad sellers retain great feedback… This is a FALSE system.

This is my case – Bought a Lightdow LD6000 from toyourdoorllc on Ebay due to a very good price – the ads claimed NEW – The shipping was extremely  fast, I received the merchandise in a few days, but was disappointed because the box looked old with scotch taped on them (must be open box – return). I wouldn’t care if it’s a returned unit, but the box model torn off purposely to cheat people who don’t know the difference between LD4000 and LD6000, and it was LD4000 because the LCD screen is only 1.5″. The wifi I wouldn’t care too much but the 2″ LCD is what I wanted.

Lightdow LD4000 with label removed     LD6000 New Advertisement

Contacted seller and the return ticket was issued right away, but NO return shipping charge included. It would cost me $10-12 to return a $31 merchandise. I tested the camera and it worked fine, just a little tiny 1.5″ LCD screen. So I decided to keep the camera and buy another LD6000 with the seller with the note to keep the LD4000 if he sent me the correct working LD6000. After this, I checked the bad feedback on this seller, and there was one case just like mine, so he’s done this before.

buy another LD6000     bad seller feed back on the same LD6000

Fast shipping again, and the Blue LD6000 came with the right open-box with clean cloth missing, but it’s the correct one with 2″ LCD and wifi actually works.

Blue LD6000 open-box     LD6000 WIFI iPhone 6 FinalCam

As I promised, I gave 5 stars for the Blue LD6000, but 4 stars for Yellow LD4000 in place of LD6000 and a note that they sent the LD4000 instead of LD6000. I was OK with both of the cameras for $62. Until Ebay sent me a note that they had removed my feedback on the LD4000 because of whatever the reasons, now, to me this is BIASED and FALSE on Ebay side, Ebay can’t remove honest feedback from consumers to protect NOT so honest Sellers regardless of how much money they contribute to Ebay, where is Ebay integrity?

Ebay removes Bad Feedback

I do understand with these low prices, it’s hard for sellers to make money with free shipping, but they should be honest and if once or twice mistakes of shipping the wrong merchandises can be seen OK, but they have to pay for return shipping and Ebay should enforce this and NOT protect these sellers with BIASED (NON-Accurate) Feedback system.

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