Crystal Springs Golf Course In Burlingame

If you’re driving on 280 north of 92 freeway south bound you would see a golf course on the right hand side before you see the lake. I tried to book a T-time in the morning 2 weeks in advance, 7AM in the morning and I got 10:32AM for 2. The golf course is extremely hilly, narrow fairways on some and the greens are very small compared to other golf course. The greens are smooth but don’t look good, very spotty. The sand traps are brown and rocky, not very soft sand. Most of the fairways are slopped either right or left, so we have to Tee off accurately to the correct side and there are trees on both sides of narrow fairways. It’s not a very long course but seems to play longer due to up/down hill greens. I’m a bogey golfer but I did have to putt 3-4 due to slopped greens. Over all, the fairways are well kept, challenging par 72 course. This was my first time, I’m sure next time my score would be lower than double bogey. One nice thing is the Seniors (60+) only pay $35 to play.

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