Swai Fish & Orange Dish

In order to fight Obesity, we try to cook at home as often as we can and the weekly menu has to consist of all types of meats and swai fish fillets are one of them. Since we have an orange tree that produces many oranges yearly, we create an orange – swai fish fillet dish that’s easy, quick to cook and very tasty.

Ingredient: 6 swai fillets (3lbs) (2×1.5lbs packages ~$8-10), ginger, garlic salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, mung bean, sesame oil and oranges.

swai fillet     Orange slices on the bottom

Place a layer of Swai fillets on top to the orange slices, sprinkle some garlic salt on the fillets. Place some thin ginger slices on the top of the fillets, then more orange slices.

first layer of Swai fillet with garlic salt  sprinkled     sm_basa12

Mixed 1/4th balsamic vinegar + 1/4th soy sauce + some brown sugar and 1/2 with water to make the sauce for the fish. Taste the mixture and change the portion according to your liking then pour some sesame oil in the mixture. Put some on the fist layer of fillets. Repeat with the second layer of fillets, make sure all fillets are covered with the mixture sauce.

soy sauce + balsamic vinegar + brown sugar + water mixture     sm_basa16

Close the lid and turn on low heat and wait for about 10 minutes. When the sauce is boiling then put some mung bean on top, make sure they soak in the sauce. Wait for a few minutes when the fish fillets are done, the mung bean turned brown due to the sauces and cooked, remove and eat with rice or just mung bean alone.

Mung bean noodles     close lid and cook with low heat

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