A Simple Birthday With A Few Great Friends

It was Thursday evening, Audie asked us if she can have a birthday party on Sat (very short notice). She wanted to invite 6 of her close friends to an Ice Skating Ring in Fremont, but it was all booked, even the one in San Jose and Palo Alto. She felt sad, but I suggested

Go A Little Out Of The Way To Make Our Daughter Happy

Like all parents who love their children and try to make them happy whenever we can, sometimes we have to go out of our ways a little to make them happy. On Audie’s birthday, she really wanted a Monster High Lagoona Hydration Station which has been out of stock everywhere in the bay area, even

Brandon Birthday 2009

brandon 3rd bd

Due to our economy  not doing so well, Brandon didn’t have a very big birthday party with many guests, although most of them would be his parents’ friends and families. He actually didn’t mind because he had his presents, his cake, his lighted candles to blow on and the most important thing, his family, of

Kelly Birthday – Nijo

Nijo 2006

It’s Kelly birthday and we went to Nijo restaurant in Newark. Brando is still in the oven.