Eldorado Casino Reno

Christmas and New Year 2018-19

family pic new year

As creatures of habit, every year we bought our Xmas tree after Thanksgiving, celebrate Xmas at our brother in-law’s and go to ski in Reno for New Year. This year we skied at Mt.Rose since it has many nice long green slope for Karen and Brandon due to knees injury from last year. The snow

New Year 2016 In Reno

Every year, we celebrate New Year’s eve in Reno because we love skiing, especially this year, there was plenty of snow. Mt. Rose was beautiful, sunny and dry, the price did go up this year. They reorganized the cafeteria so we could get table to eat quickly. We left our bag on the deck and

Chinese New Year At Eldorado Reno

This Chinese New Year we went skiing again in Reno. We stayed at the Eldorado where the buffet was great and the Dragon dance was exciting.

New Year 2011 Reno

2011 We went to Reno to celebrate the New Year and Ski… 

New Year 2006 in Reno

Mt Rose 2005

It was the first time Audie saw snow and be with many of her cousins and grandma.