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Christmas and New Year 2018-19

January 2, 2019 | 62 views |

As creatures of habit, every year we bought our Xmas tree after Thanksgiving, celebrate Xmas at our brother in-law’s and go to ski in Reno for New Year. This year we skied at Mt.Rose since it has many nice long green slope for Karen and Brandon due to knees injury from last year. The snow was perfect, not too much powder or icy, the price went up to $135/person, we got the family pack for $380 at the door, we would have saved $10 if we ordered online the night before. We stayed at the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort) and it’s as nice as usual. This year we didn’t have invitation to the NY dinner party at GSR, but we managed to have it at the Eldorado’s and it was a great dinner party as usual. We had fun and did some good deeds on New Year’s Day. 

I met an older lady on the way to the parking lot, she’s dressed up well with nice make up, pulling a portable dolly with a small suitcase and some blankets neatly tied up, she asked if I could take her to her destination, Atlantis casino or some places near by, she’s not a pan handler since she never asked for money, just a ride. Our car was full of stuff so we didn’t have room for her dolly. I offered to order an Uber to take her where she wanted to go, DollarTree in Reno. I and family waited for her Uber ride to come. After 30 min, the Uber finally came, I made sure she got in the Uber with Nikolai safely, and asked Nikolai to take her where she wanted to go, some tips for Nikolai and some breakfast money for the cute little lady. It was a great day for us and both of them I hope.

I believe we should go out of our ways to help someone in needs whenever and wherever… That’s how I teach our Audie and Brandon… Good Karma goes a long way.

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