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Apple iPhone XR and Trade Ins

iPhone XR

Apple iPhones are getting very expensive, we’ve been buying used and refurbished 6’s for a few years now. This year, we have a friend who works for Apple and could buy for friends and family with 15% discount from the list prices, which is very nice. Even with the discounts + tax still costs $742

Buying Apple Products On Craigslist.org

I do like Apple products, very high quality and famous for reliability. At this time, I can buy an iPhone 6+ 64GB from Apple for $35/month for 24 months with 0% financing which doesn’t seem much for many people, but it’s for 2 years. The price of their products are pretty steep for me, I

Shopping For A Used iPhone 6

How I Setup My iPhone For The First Time I’ve been using a smart phone for a few months now, and the ApplePay seems to be a great feature which stimulate me to get an iPhone 6 (iPhone 5s don’t have the hardware capability). Spending $650 + tax for a brand new 16GB and $750

Hello T-Mobile, Goodbye Verizon

We’ve been with Verizon Wireless for over 14 years, we liked the quality of service and signals. We are very extremely frugal when it comes to monthly expense, especially living in Silicon Valley, CA when everything is so expensive. ***We had a family plan with Verizon, with discount from our company, we had 700 minutes,