Thornton vs Walters Junior High Volleyball

It’s Tuesday 10/11/16, Thornton went to Walters Junior High school for a Volleyball meet. Thornton lost, it was sad to see the team Chemistry shattered, fear of low ceiling court, small court and bad comments from some uneducated spectators (although it’s inside a school – they’re not taught with 8 good traits from Ardenwood Elementary). I didn’t hear these comments, but just heard from my daughter. Anyhow, I was glad it’s over, we paid lot of taxes for Fremont School district and this school needs lots of improvements, we should ask where all the school tax money go?

IMO, everyone seemed nervous about the unfamiliar small court, intimidated by the mixed of 7th and 8th graders in Walters’ team, spectators didn’t seem friendly and sportsman like, the area didn’t seem nice. 

The serves were not precised, not confident due to fear of hitting the low ceiling. The court was so small that the servers had to stand close to the door to have room to hit the ball. At least Thornton didn’t lose 2 games straight, made it at the second and lost a few points at the last. If the serves were as good as with Horner, they would have won the game. The sad thing is they didn’t seem to have fun.

Walters Junior High small Volleyball court

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