Thornton vs Centerville Junior High Volleyball Meet

Thursday 10/13/2016, Thornton plays Centerville Junior High at it’s home court, and it won. I asked my daughter if it’s confirmed that Thunderbolts can only win at the home turf? She said yes. That’s very weak, I said. You have to break the jinx, if you believe that you can only win at your home court. Yes, I could see the emotion difference by watching Thunderbolts playing at their home court, everyone seems confident in serving, playing together, owning the net, etc… Hmm, the jinx of playing OFF home court must be broken. Anyhow, as long as the team mates have fun and win some games regardless of @home or not, it’s OK with me. Go Thunderbolts. Yes, the Thornton and Centerville spectators seemed much nicer IMHO.

Thornton Giant Home Court

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