Complete Guide To Install El Capitan or Yosemite On PC and Laptops

DSDT , SSDTs and System Patching 

Patch DSDT and SSDTs are important to get the Laptops to work as a Mac with battery, sleep/wake. All of the patching are almost the same. Rehabman has a very comprehensive patches for almost all makes and models out there, just have to find the one that fits your computer. The important SSDT is the one that generated from of Pyke Alpha. Again, you need to extract DSDT and SSDT from RWEverything or you can use patchmatic from Rehabman.

How to extract DSDT and SSDTs from Rehabman patchmatic.

How to Generate SSDT from

Patch DSDT for Haswell HD4400.

Patch DSDT for IvyBridge HD4000.

Patch DSDT to fix Instant Wakes.

Patch DSDT and common errors.

How to make brightness keys work in Yosemite.

How to fix USB 3.0 in Haswell on El Capitan.

Dual Boot Using Clover.

Patch AppleHDA.kext 

  1. I found a problem.
    The Graphic is over screen to right side but resolution is correct 1600 x 900

    Lenovo G770 with Intel HD3000 + OS X (El Capitan)

    Link to Problem Picture

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