How To Dual Boot UEFI Windows and Mac Using Clover Boot Loader

There are many ways to dual boot Windows and Mac OS X with different boot loaders on MBR but for UEFI, there’s only Clover boot loader is capable if you set it up correctly. In order to dual boot with Clover by default, you need to install Clover to EFI folder –> rename bootmgfw.efi to bootmgfw-orig.efi in the efi/Microsoft/boot/ folder. When we renamed this bootmgfw.efi, the bios will boot from clover BOOTX64.EFI in the efi/boot/ folder and the Clover boot GUI will come up with all the Windows and Mac OS X partition for us to select and boot correctly.

boot_folder_bootmgfw_efi     clover_boot_gui


  • Installes El Capitan and clover but now el capitan only load halfway and computer reboot

    • Check you config.plist, you have instant reboot… watch and read carefully about editing Clover config.plist

      • Please tell me how to configure clover plist file using windows. I do not have a Mac to perform any task but I want to install Mac 10.12 on my HP laptop. I have downloaded transmac and 10.12.dmg file as well. what should I do now?

  • Hi, i try to get clover to recognize the SSD M.2 drive i installed. Now my osx drive is not show an dclover does not load. Pase help.


    • you have to add the SSD driver for Clover, Check clover SSD option. I don’t have SSD, so I don’t use it.

      • Thanks for the reply. I build a hackintosh, got osx el capitan installed but the clover does not load when start computer. Will want to install win10 to have dual boot system. Just not understanding how clover work. If you can help me, i really appreciated. Thanks

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