How To Back Up Bluray Disc To MP4 Using HandBrake on Mac

Fry’s has many bluray titles on sale for $.99 and I got a few that I like, but I don’t have a bluray player, just a bluray drive on my computer. I need to back it up to MP4 to put it on my WD my cloud server to watch whenever I want.

can’t decrypt the bluray disc, so we need the software to get the decrypter for HandBrake to access the movie.

On Mac – El Capitan, we need to make a link to both decrypted files for HandBrake to work. After installing makemkv, we should have mkv app in the App folder, make sure it’s there, then we need to launch a terminal and type these codes.

cd ~
mkdir -p ~/lib
ln -s /Applications/ ~/lib/libaacs.dylib
ln -s /Applications/ ~/lib/libbdplus.dylib

When it’s done, we can launch HandBrake and it will see the movie and make MP4 or MKV for you without any problems.

handbrake bluray to mp4

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