macOS High Sierra 10.3.4 Update on Haswell HD4400

The latest macOS High Sierra 10.3.4 update is available for download. The best is to create a new USB installer with the App using High Sierra Patcher version 2.6 (must be for 10.3.4).

Update Clover kexts with latest Lilu.kext (1.2.2), IntelGraphicsFixup.kext (1.2.4), Shiki.kext (2.2.3), ALC.kext (1.2.2).

This will work for HD4400, HD4600, HD5500. The only things needed to be re-installed are the patched IOUSBFamilyHost.kext for all the USB ports to work: WIFI and Bluetooth, and the NTFS-3G need to be re-installed due to Xcode command line update.

High Sierra Patcher 2.6 for 10.3.4 High Sierra Patcher 2.6 for 10.3.4

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