How To Create/Restore A System Restore Point On Windows 10

If you use Windows OS, especially Windows 10, you need to create a system restore point when your system is working perfectly so you can restore to that condition when something causes the system fail to boot which happens often with Windows 10 lengthy bad updates.

  1. Go to Control Panel/System and Security/System.
  2. Select System Protection, it will create a restore point automatically, but we want to give it a date or name, then select “Create”
  3. Enter a name or date then enter, it will create a restore point with the specific name.

Control Panel/System and Security/System     System Properties/System Protection/Create Restore Point

System Properties/System Protection/Create Restore Point Date     System Properties/System Protection/Create Restore Point

   System Properties/System Protection/Create Restore Point Done

If the computer no longer boot to Windows, we can use a USB installer disk to boot it from and select advanced option to restore to the restore point we created. Make sure the laptop is plugged in because it may take up to 1 hour. When it’s done, it will warn the restore process failed, but when we click OK, it will boot successfully and show it’s done successfully. It’s Windows for you.

Windows 10 Couldn't update - Undo Changes     Restore System Files and Settings

Select a stored restore point     Confirm The Restore Point

Restoring - may take up to 1 hour     System Restore Point Completed

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