Clover Bootloader new version vs old version battery drain

I’ve been using Clover 3320 and 3330 for all my Mac wanna be and they work great even with El Capitan 10.11.6. The new macOS Sierra is out and it’s only supported with Clover 3599 and up and I updated my x360 to Clover 3763 and I decided to test to see if the new Clover boot loader would have any effect on the battery life compared to the older version. It actually did according to my test. I play a movie with VLC for 40 minutes with battery 100% and the backlight at 4 bars from lowest. Clover 3330 drained 30% in the same time played as Clover 3763 only 20%. This is amazing.


clover3330_start time     clover3330_end end time

clover3763_start time     clover3763_end time

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