How To Delete Old Windows And Program Files Folders

We may have replaced smaller hard drives with bigger ones and installed Windows on them. If we want the data on the old drives but don’t want to format them to get rid of all the Windows and Program Files folders, normally, we can’t delete these folders due to permission.  There is a very easy way to do it, all we need is the Add_Take_Ownership.reg added to the registry of the Windows we’re running. We can download the file here.

Extract and double click the Add_Take_Ownership.reg to install. When it’s done, right click the OLD Windows folder and select “Take Ownership” to change permission (MAKE SURE IT’S NOT THE ACTIVE WINDOWS FOLDER YOU’RE RUNNING). When it’s done, just delete the OLD Windows Folder.

Folder Access Denied     takeownership

Add_Take_Ownership.reg Installation     Add_Take_Ownership.reg Installation

Change Permission On Folder     Change permission on folder


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