How To Fix System Fan Error (90B) and Excessive Noise on HP x360 Laptop

After 10-11 months use of the HP x360 15-u011dx i7-4510u, I had 2 problems, the bad battery and now, the excessive fan noise and the System Fan Error (90B). The error 90B is caused by the fan blade touching the fan case due to excessive play in the bearing and the shaft and the system failed the speed sensing. The HP service is extremely Great, HP chat is always there and ready to help. The support service is extremely Quick, I do like HP products because of the after sales supports, although, the quality of the parts should be better and more reliable. Any how, since I don’t want to send the laptop back for a simple problem, I did it myself knowing that the warranty may be voided, but I only have 21 days left on my 1 year warranty.


  • Mine is like that, but kinda different. So when I started to use my PC for the first time in a while, I noticed when I tilted my laptop, I heard a clicking sound. Then today I tilted it all the way to one side, heard a click, then I opened it up, and it gave me the 90B error message.

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