How To Rename, Re-size, Play Slideshow Multiple Image Files With Mac OS X Yosemite

Sometimes I imported images from my iPhone to my Mac Wanna Be, and I want to play slideshow, rename and resize the image files for posting here, this is how I do it.


  • Open the folder where all the images are.
  • Click the “Alt” and “a” keys together to select all or use the drop down edit menu from menu bar.
  • Click Ctrl and one of the images, a drop down menu will come up with the option of rename, select it.
  • Find the common string of characters and replace with the new ones.
  • While all of the images are highlighted, tap the space bar, the Preview will come up, click the drop down menu to select the slideshow to play.
  • Google ThumsUp for Mac and download the file – set the parameters for your final images, drag the files or folder of images to the app, the resized images will appear in the original folder.

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