How To Spoof R9-270 and R9-280 Monterey

Since macOS Monterey, my GTX 760 no longer supported, I had to use AMD R9 270 id(10026811) and R9 280 (1002679a). The problem with spoofing using SSDT-GPU-SPOOF.dsl for r9 270 id 10026811 only works with 10026810 and WhateverGreen.kext version 1.5.1. Here are the r9_270_280 Samples.

If we put the id in device properties, we will get AppleKeyStore error while booting and loop forever. So we don’t need the device properties information. If the SSDT-GPU-SPOOF.aml is done correctly, it would work with the correct WhateverGreen.kext.

r9 270 full QE/Ci R9 270 spoof R9 280 Spoof GPU BIOS Path




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