Costco TP-Link Deco X60 AX3000 Mesh WIFI 6

It’s time to have Mesh WiFi 6 system installed for our Sail Internet.  Costco has TP-Link Deco x60 AX3000 Mesh WiFi 6 on sale for $199. We’ve been using Orbi RBK50 with 1 satellite which was quite good. We’ve just installed this yesterday, the performance on the Wifi is excellent, I could get signal out in the back yard with 90Mbps which Orbi couldn’t do. The only thing about this router is that we have to have TP-Link account to configure the Router. Orbi has 4 Gb Ethernet ports while these only have 2 each. 

The setup is easy but it has a bug on connecting to the Deco wifi, the auto connect doesn’t work, must use manual after seeing it connected on the phone setting.

This router is the same as Orbi, only has 2 SSID max, one for main and one for Guest. This router has WPA 3 which is nice and the 5Ghz has 160Mhz band.

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