HP Envy 15-u011dx x360 Battery Failure

I got a brand new HP Envy 15-u011dx x360 for my son, but since it got a battery problem, he didn’t like it. The problem is something like these scenarios:

1. AC adapter plugged in, the message will say, connected but not charging. The AC LED (white) will blink and not steady (working condition). HP Utility Battery Check will fail to access the battery.

2. AC adapter is NOT plugged in, but the battery indicator will not go down while being used. The battery check will fail also. The AC LED will also blink after a while.

3. The battery indicator doesn’t go down while being used , the AC adapter plugged in, no message, just the AC LED blinking.

battery_check      not_charging

HP Chat system is very efficient and people seem to be knowledgeable about the products, although they don’t seem to have the records of what’s being done to customer computer after the first time. Every HP Chat, totally ignored what’s been done to my laptop like re-flashing the SAME F.11 BIOS 3 times. May be they don’t trust the one before them.

After 3 HP chats, 3 BIOS flashed, the last one decided to take my laptop into the service center. The process was amazingly fast, I got my Laptop back during holidays within 1 week turn. Now, that’s good customer services (A+), at least with a bad quality battery had to be replaced. By the way, I went to the HP forums, and there seem to be quite a few battery charging problems.

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