Install Lion On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge Laptop

July 21, 2012 Sleepenabler.kext – put in the extra folder for the lid to close and wake up when opens, wake up from sleep… etc.


And always use portable drive to install before internal hard drive. For Realtek id 0139 card reader isn’t supported, a USB SD card reader is handy.

2012-04-19 Another procedure on Lenovo laptop with hard drive has no OS installed by Miller (a reader) : Dual boot windows 7 and lion.

2012-02-13 For those who don’t have Snow Leopard dvd 10.6.3 but has the Lion Apps, go here for the easy stand alone Lion installation. This fresh Lion installation is much easier and cleaner than the upgrade below.

When we’re done and happy with the 10.6.8 and we want to try the new and improved Lion 10.7.0, we can install Lion on the partition we’d prepared while installing Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

If we have a version call DP4, we don’t have to do much to install Lion, but with the GM (retail version 11A511), we need to use all HD graphics kexts and plugins from DP4.

First we need to prepare the Lion Installer since it doesn’t come in a DVD. I use myhack2.4

Let’s start with things we need to do with Lion GM (Retail)

1. AppleIntelHDGraphics from DP4.

2. Create a Lion Installer partition using Myhack 2.4 with all necessary kexts and Extra to install correctly.

Place GM App on the Desktop, from the GM installation file, right click-> show package content-> SharedSupport ->InstallESD.dmg (drag this or copy this to the desktop).

lion show package content lion copy or drag installESD file to desktop

Use Myhack to create Lion Installation partition

lion create 10.7 install disk lion Select partition (volume) to install Myhack

lion browse to InstallESD.dmg on Desktop lion select installESD.dmg on Desktop

Myhack will automatically opens and closes all the necessary files until it asks for the Extra folder (using my own instead of generic one), browse to my Extra folder (same as the one used in 10.6.8)

lion use my own "Extra" folder lion myHack is finished

Now we need to install ApplePS2controller.kext for keyboard and mouse of the LAPTOP and DP4 AppleIntelHDGraphics kexts (if the LION installer is GM APP) to “LION INSTALLER PARTITION”.

lion 2 appleps2 kexts install to Lion installer partition lion install lion DP4 kexts and plugins to Lion Installer

3. Restore Working Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to the Lion (to be) partition (verify and boot to make sure everything works in this partition).

As we set up with an external USB hard drive 4 partitions: usb1068, lion, lioninstaller, data180. Now we restore the fully working “usb1068” partition to “lion” partition for Lion 10.7 installation. Erase Lion (extended Journaled) before so we don’t have to use erase to restore which will change the name “lion” to “usb1068”.

restore "usb1068" to "lion" uncheck "erase" to keep "lion" name of partition

4. Run Lion Installer partition and install Lion OVER the restored Snow Leopard 10.6.8 – Lion partition.

Reboot the laptop, hit F12 to select the boot from external usb hard drive, click “tab” key to select “myHack OS X Install Disk” created by “myHack” before and just follow the direction. Watch the video again to see how it does.

5. Copy all AppleIntelHDGraphics DP4 over the AppleIntelHDGraphics GM (just installed) : AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext, AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext, AppleIntelHDGraphicsGA.plugin, AppleIntelSNBVA.bundle, AppleIntelGraphicsGLDriver.bundle, AppleIntelGraphicsVADriver.bundle (total 6). Run cache update, if you don’t know how to run it, you can boot into usb10.6.8 partition and run kextwizard. It doesn’t seem to work well, but after running kext wizard cache update, you can boot into Lion in 1024x768x32 screen and reinstall all the kexts from there and use kext utility to update cache, it will be the sure thing to get everything running.

dp4 hd kexts hd3000 plugins copy

6. Install all Networking for Lion and other kexts to make Lion partition functional 99%.



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