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June 30, 2012 | 1,998 views |

June 30, 2012-The kids loved the Thrive, they loaded tons of free and paid games on their Android tablet. The amazing part is most of the games their cousins have on their ipads, my kids can also download them on Android market, either on Google or Amazon. Now my children (5 and 8) are very familiar with buying games (free or .99 – if it’s doesn’t spell free, they have to ask) on Google or Amazon.

I’ve been using Google Navigation for some of the trips, but it doesn’t have maps loaded down to the SD card, only cache on the route when I set them. I found Navfree on the net and they have maps can be downloaded to the internal memory to use without Wifi, just GPS from the device. I downloaded both Navfree USA and Navfree World for Cancun and Mexico travels. The downloads are straight forward using Google Play app. I need to upgrade (free) to product page and download the maps I want.

cal map     navfree USA

navfree USA     Download map

maps     Download map

Download voices

Download Voices     Download Voices

The only draw back about this app is I can’t enter any addresses, but it has a google icon for me to search the address (using wifi) then add it to favorite for future navigation.

google search     google search

Found Location     add favorite

Add as many favorites I can for later use without Google search wifi.

For a free navigation software, it’s quite functional, the only thing is that it WILL NOT SAY the name of the streets, only if the streets or freeways have names with number like freeway 880. It will tell me to exit the next exit or turn right next 100 yards.

If I have wifi and know exactly where to go, I would use Google Navigation to cache the maps and use it to guide me, but this will work fine. We’re going to Riviera Maya, I downloaded the airport and hotel address, we’ll see how well the navigation works in Navfree World app.


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