Files Sharing In Windows 7 Home Network

Before SP1, if we want to share files on our home network, we just need to set the “workgroup” the same for all PCs at home and we can see the shared files for each computer when the files marked “shared”, but now, I can’t seem to do it. I have a HTPC with many pictures and movies on them, I want to access the shared hard drives from the HTPC with other computers inside the house using the router. The best and easiest way is to create a user with password in the HTPC and a specific workgroup, all other computers should configure with the same workgroup (dognmonkey as an example). When other computers see the HTPC on the network, just click it and enter user name and password (configured in HTPC) and all shared files will show up on the computer.

Host computer = Masterbedroom

Workgroup = dognmonkey

user created in host computer (Masterbedroom) = networkuser

change workgroup     change settings

change computer name and workgroup     create user

    Reboot Host computer for changes to take effect. Select a hard drive to share in the Host computer (Masterbedroom), right click and select share using advance option.

file sharing setup     Share folder

advance sharing     sharing options

advanced sharing

Client computers – set workgroup the same name as the Host (Masterbedroom) computer, reboot. Go to network, we should see the Masterbedroom computer icon, click it, username and password screen will pop up, enter the username created in Host computer and password, all shared folders and hard drives will appear.

change workgroup     After reboot

Double click Masterbedroom in Network to access shared files and data.

click masterbedroom     all shared files

To map a permanent folder or drive to the client computer, high lite the drive, right click, select map the drive.

Map network drive     Map network drive

Now in my computer will have a hard drive with letter z as an internal hard drive.

Mapped hard drive     content of z

To me, this way is much easier than created a home group network with password which I never get them to work. If you know a better way to access files in home network with Windows 7, please let me know in details. Thanks.

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