T-Mobile Internet and Orbi Router

I ordered the T-Mobile Internet and was amazed at how good it is with Orbi Mesh Router RBK50. 

   T-Mobile Internet has come a long way, now it has 5G connection. The gray gateway now is better than before. For $50/month tax included and no rental fees or hidden fee with unlimited data is a bargain for Internet. The problem is we have to find out if our address is in the service area with the 5G-Ultra. We’re lucky, T-Mobile is available and we’re in the 5G-Ultra, therefore the signals and speeds are excellent, better than the Xfinity package we have $96/month Unlimited data with 100Mbps/6Mbps. My kids play games and they’re often went over the 1.2TB allowed and Xfinity charges $10/50GB over limit. Right now the only draw back to a few people is that the gateway doesn’t support port forwarding or device detail connection like ip address. If we use router, we could see all devices ip address. T-mobile now assigns each gateway an dedicated IP address which is nice.

   The T-Mobile gateway transmission is good for inside the house (2300sf) but not very good if farther, in order to get the internet signal when we’re at the backyard (6800sf), we need the Mesh router or strong router setting as AP (Access Point).

   When the gateway is connected and setup, the speed is pretty consistent through out the house and the closer we are to the gateway, the speed is fast, average is over which is more than plan and the upload speed is much faster vs

   In order for the Ethernet transmit with Gbps, we need Gb hub and CAT 5e or 6. Normal CAT 5 only transmit up to 100Mbps. The Ethernet cables can contribute to the faster speed if using the correct equipments. 

   The Gateway has 2 Ethernet Ports, we can use one to the Internet input of the router (Orbi) and the other one to the Gb Hub for ethernet connections. All ethernet devices should be hooked up the this 8 ports hub using CAT 6 cables for maximum download speed.

Mesh routers are the way to go, either or will be good.

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