Remove Logos With Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus

I had some videos made with some logos on it and I don’t want them any more. Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus is a great software for the money and it’s able to use the Logoaway plugin. I need this to remove the logo.

Just download the plugin, select “effects” tab, click “Additional Effects” tab, click plugin and load the plugin.

When I select the plugin, activate it, the position of the blocking image has to be preview in full screen and NOT reduced one.

set preview to full resolution     select plugin for the project

I actually had to trials and errors a few times to get the block image over the logo. So, the screen is 1280×720, the logo is on the top-right and about 80×20 px. I’m going to use a solid block 100×30 to totally cover the logo. The position is set to 1180 x 0 = 1280-100 (width) = 1180 and the right offset is 0. I could click preview to see the block over the logo. Click OK and at the plugin panel, click “apply to all” , the whole project. Just save the movie and the logo has a blue block of 100×30 over it.

settings for logoaway

We can use this plugin to block out things we don’t want on our videos. It’s a great plugin.



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