Replace A String With New String For All Posts In WordPress

Now WordPress is at version 3.9 and the new theme “Twenty Fourteen” is supposed to be the best free theme ever, but the theme does kill 2 of my plug-ins Mediabox Advanced and FancyBox 1.3.4. So, if I want to use Twenty Fourteen after I’m done modifying it, I have to replace the class strings of FancyBox with stings of FancyBox 2 and Mediabox Advanced with Slimbox 2.0.5 or ShadowBox.

FancyBox 1.3.4 I used ‘class=”ib”‘ for iFrames and FancyBox 2 ‘class=”ib2 fancybox.iframe” – To replace all posts that are using ‘class=”ib”‘ I need to edit the function.php of the “twenty fourteen” theme and add a function like this. This function will replace all posts with ‘class=”ib”‘ with ‘class=”ib2 fancybox.iframe”‘.


function replace_fancybox_to_fancybox2($content) {

       return str_replace(‘class=”ib”‘, ‘class=”ib2 fancybox.iframe”‘, $content);


add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘replace_fancybox_to_fancybox2’);

One more way

function replace_ib($content)
$content = str_replace(‘class=”ib”‘, ‘class=”ib2 fancybox.iframe”‘,$content);
return $content;

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