What To Look For In 3D TVs

So the other day when we’re sitting and talking about 3D TVs, one of my in-laws has a Sony’s and the other has LG’s, the LG’s could use the theater 3D glasses to watch 3D movies and the Sony couldn’t. I Google to find out and LG is passive and Sony is active 3D. So, Vizio and LG use passive 3D technology and Sony, Samsung, Panasonic use active one. Active 3D requires battery operated 3D glasses, which are proprietary and they cost more money to buy ($30-150). If you care about the technical specs of these 2 3D technologies, Google.

Well, I don’t watch 3D that much, at least for now, but if I’m going to get one, the 2D quality must be the most important one and the 3D should be inexpensive, which is passive. Or better yet, since my 40″ Samsung and Sceptre 720p TVs are still working after I fixed the slow turning on problem, I should just wait for a few more years for the 3D technology that doesn’t require glasses to watch.

We think 3D TVs are overrated and we don’t believe in spending more money for one.



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