98 A8 D2 MAF (Mass Air Flow) Problems

Our 98 A8 was running fine for many years 168k miles on the odo until one day, it died at a stop light, but it started right up. It had some hesitations a few days earlier (according to my wife who’s the driver). She went home and it had some hic-ups then died again on the our drive way. There are tons of diagnosis on the internet about the MAF, but I stumbled on to this one, which seems to be the easiest way to try. First we need to remove the top of the air cleaner. The MAF is mounted inside the top cover with the wiring attached. Turn the air cleaner cover up, we will see the MAF. The 1997-1999 has 4 pins connector and the 2000+ would have 5 pins connector. Remove 2 screws and disconnect the electrical plug, slide the MAF out, very easy and painless.

The VAG-COM codes we pulled.

Address 01: Engine
Control Module Part Number: 4D0 907 557 M
Component and/or Version: 4.2L V8/4V MOTR AT D02
Software Coding: 01273
Work Shop Code: WSC 00000
1 Fault Found

16487 – Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too High
P0103 – 35-00 – –
Readiness: N/A

The part # 077 133 471 D

a8 maf

The MAF slides out when the 2 screws are removed and the electrical plug (4pins) is out.



This version has 4 pins connector


If we snap off the side clips, we can remove the extended nozzle so we can spray carburator cleaner to the sensor better.


Spray plentiful to the MAF sensor, both sides.


Leave it vertical for the chemical to drain down and dry before putting it back to the cover of the air cleaner.


We put it back the next morning, the engine started right up, we test drove for a few blocks, no hesitation and the wife drive it home to work today, got there safe and sound. We’ll see how it drives for the next few days.

We also check the price for the replacement in case we need to replace it.

The cheapest one is $158-$225

//www.genuinevwaudiparts.com doesn’t list the MAF well, we must enter the part number to find it.

//www.europartsdirect.com/ listed for $209.

By the way, this is the way we tried to fix our car. Spraying the MAF may not be the right way to do it, make sure you do it with your own risks, please.

Update, there was 1 hic-up today on the freeway and the codes is now intermittent. The car’s gear indicator lighted up, it’s in limp mode, then died again. It’s getting worse. We definitely need to change the MAF.

VCDS Version: Release 805.1

Address 01: Engine
Control Module Part Number: 4D0 907 557 M
Component and/or Version: 4.2L V8/4V MOTR AT D02
Software Coding: 01273
Work Shop Code: WSC 00000
1 Fault Found

16487 – Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too High
P0103 – 35-10 – – – Intermittent

Readiness: N/A

It does look like we need a new MAF.



Ordered from //amzn.to/2EmLb6Tfor $158 + tax (CA) + shipping.

The box arrived in 5 days (Tues-Sat) very fast.

MAF new in box

077 133 471 D 4 pins


There are 4 pins and they are marked with a number on the top of these pins. We measured the resistance in 1000 ohms = kohms between these pins to see the differences.

NEW(Good) OLD(Bad)

1-4 = 16.94k 17.76k

1-3 = .94k .94k

1-2 = 215k 185.6k

2-4 = 231k 201k

2-3 = 217k 186k

3-4 = 17.9k 18.7k

Remove the airduct and aircleaner cover to access to the MAF again, just loosen the rings to twist the air ducts out.

3 screws to remove the airducts

Airducts removed

We need to remove 4 screws to lift up the air cleaner cover.

air cleaner cover 4 screws

Lift the cover up and we can see the MAF with 2 screws, remove these 2 screws, slide the MAF out.

MAF in air cleaner cover with 2 screws

MAF slides out to the left when 2 screws removed

Remove the 4-pins connector, the 2 clips to remove the MAF airduct cover.

remove 4-pin connector

unhook 2 clips to remove the MAF cover

2 clips unhooked ready to remove the MAF cover

There are 2 rubber rings to be removed from the old one, the big round one is from the MAF cover.

2 rubber rings-new MAF-MAF cover

Put the rings on the new MAF, MAF cover, put back the clips and ready to put back the new MAF to the aircleaner cover. Make sure align the clips correctly so that the 4-pin connector is up when the new MAF is mounted to the air cleaner cover. It can be rotated 180 degrees.

New MAF with correct clips alignment

Plug the 4-pin connector back in-align the 2 screws and slide the new MAF in the air cleaner cover.

Put back the MAF inside the aircleaner cover-align 2 screws

Tighten the 2 screws and we’re done.

New MAF is in

Flip the cover upside down, back on top the air cleaner housing, tighten 4 screws, put back the air ducts, tighten the 3 rings. Clear the codes using VAG-COM. Starts the engine, mine was sluggish due to turning on and off engine too many times without warming up the car. The check engine light was on, the codes were engine misfiring #1 and others. Wait for the engine to warm up a little by driving it slowly and it’s totally smooth and idling perfectly. Drove for a few miles again, nothing seems to be out of ordinary. Let’s just hope this really fix the problem and nothing else. Until then… we fixed it. 10/31/2010. 11/1.2010. The new MAF definitely was the problem. The car’s been smooth and no hic-ups for 2 days now. It’s definitely fixed with the MAF, the car is purring every day since, well $158 for every 168k miles, I think it’s worth it.:-)



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