Tires And Audi A8

It’s that time again, winter and raining seasons are coming. Our Audi A8 is still performing extremely well. The tires are still good, may be a few thousands miles left on the treads, but since American Tires company has a special $100 rebate on a set of 4 tires 2 days only, we took the opportunity and change them. We’ve always been with American Tires company because their prices are competitive and the services are great.

Looking at the last invoice dated in Dec 2006 and @119k miles, now it’s Oct 2010 and @168k miles with inexpensive no name tires like Hankook & Kumho, we really have our maintenance on the car really low per year. Yes, we don’t race with anyone, we enjoy our car’s comfort and power whenever we needed and we don’t believe A8 are meant to be driven hard although it can be. The car is heavy and we still got 40k miles out of the cheap tires. The tires worn out evenly. Anyhow, Audi A8 is an amazing car in all reliabilty, comfort, luxury, safety and extremely easy to drive. The cost of maintenance on our car is less than $200/year. We’re sure many people would love to put expensive, high performance tires which cost double because it’s an A8.

I really like it when Audi was not so popular, their re-sale values were next to nothing. Now the values have changed.

2006 tires

2006 A8L tires


2010 A8L tires

Amazingly the $100 rebate check did come in 4 weeks. Great services.

The HanKooks we had were much more quiet than these Kumhos with almost the same price range. Kumhos are very noisy tires because the A8 is so quiet that we can notice right away.

Cheers A8,


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