A4 Cabriolet V6 3.0 Oil Change

We had the Audi Cabriolet for almost a year now, it’s time to give it an oil change (we checked the oil regularly and topped it up when needed). The design of the car makes it so easy to replace oil and oil filter, the hardest part actually is the engine undercover part.

V6 3.0L     19mm tools

Oil filter     10w-40

Audi 3.0L V6 Oil Filters at Amazon


In California, weather is warm, instead of using 5w-30, we use 10w-40, especially the car has 85k miles already.

We jacked the car up a little from the passenger side to get under the car a little easier because the car sits pretty low, make sure the hand brake is on or blocks under the rear tires. Open the oil cap a little for the air to get in so it drain faster when oil plug is removed.

jack up the car     Open oil cap

Remove all the screws holding the engine plastic under cover, slide it out, it’s the most tedious part of the whole process.

Plastic engine under cover     screws

Plastic engine under cover screws     Plastic engine under cover screw

Plastic engine under cover side screw     Plastic engine under cover rear screw

Oil plug and filter     remove the plug

Make sure at least 8 quart oil container to catch oil is under the car before remove oil plug out.

oil drains out      remove oil filter

Oil filter loosen     Oil Filter Removed

Now we need to wait at least 20 minutes for all the oil to come out from the plug and oil filter. We jacked the car up, the oil came out faster than if we left the car flat. The more old oil came the better. When oil starts to drip very slowly, wipe off the oil filter contact surface, wet the rubber ring of the new oil filter with some oil before putting it on, hand tighten all the way. Put the oil plug back and don’t over tighten the plug.

Wet oil filter     Oil plug

Hand tighten oil filter     Leaks after warmed up

So, now it’s time to add the oil to the engine, the book says 5.8 quarts, but it did take a little more than 5.8 Quarts.

Clean dipstick     5.8 Quart mark

Make sure to start the engine, idle for a few minutes, warm up to check for leaks (oil filter), tighten with the wrench half turn, check the oil mark (with engine off after a few minutes) and top up if necessary. Put back the under cover shield, put back all the screws. I don’t know if we really save money by changing oil at home, but it’s a safe way for me to do it myself, no one can screw anything up but me.

Oil at Walmart = 5 quarts $16 x 2 =$32.

Oil filter = $11.

Total = $43.0

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  • What an awesome breakdown, thank you! We also found the Mobil One full synthetic oil by the case at SAMs Club for around $ 35. This stuff is normally charged at a premium at the Lube shop and can go up to 7k miles between changes. We were quoted $120 for a mobile One oil change! Hope that tip helps because yours were invaluable. Thanks.

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