Windshield Wipers Suddenly Stop Working

2004 A8 D3 seems to have more electronic and sensor stuff than the other generation D2. The other day when it was raining, my sister complained that the windshield wipers stopped working and got stuck in the middle of the windshield. She had to push them down to clear the windshield to drive home. What was the problem? Here is how we fixed it.

I fiddled a little bit with the onboard computer and found under “car setting” or something to this effect a “reset windshield wipers maintenance warning” or something to this effect, can’t remember the exact wordings, anyway, this did the trick, now they work again. Apparently, when it’s time to change the blades, they stop working until you manually reset the warning message…

Well, I’m glad that it was an easy fix.

A8 D3


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