A8 Front Brakes Service


1998 A8 D2 and 1996 A6 C4     1998 A8 D2 and 1996 A6 C4

Tools needed: 17mm socket for wheel lugs, 18mm socket for caliper frame, 7mm hex, screw driver, extension 3/8 or ½, long nose pliers, brake piston retract tool.- Remove wheel lugs covers.
– Open the wheel lugs a few turns.
– Jack up the car and make sure you have hand brake on and some blocks on the other side rear tire for safety.
– Remove all wheel lugs and the tire.

Wheel removed     Brake Pads and Rotor Removed

A8 Brake Disc
Use a screw driver to remove the safety spring at the pads.

– Use 7mm Hex key to remove the brake piston housing bolts in the back.

A8 Caliper

– Remove the brake caliper and rest it on the lower arm in the back.

 A8 Caliper

– Use 18mm socket to remove the 2 bolts securing the caliper bracket. Remove the bottom bolt, leave the top one intact because we don’t need to remove the bracket totally out to replace the rotor.

   A8 Caliper

– Lift the bracket up to remove the old rotor and place the new rotor.  Use a metal brush & compressed air to clean the bracket where the brake pads sliding on. After the new rotor is in place, mount the bracket back with bolts. This is the time to torque the bolts tightly because the caliper won’t be in the way.  I secure the new rotor with 2 lugs to the axle for easy caliper installation.

   A8 Rotor

– Now we need to compress the piston to the original position to accommodate the thickness of the new pads. Make sure we remove the reservoir cap for the brake fluid to come up to the top. Remove the brake pads and the sensor cable. Remove the clip to remove the electrical connector. Compress the piston SLOWLY and FIRMLY until the piston reach the end of the caliper (almost flush), while compressing, make sure the rubber housing is folded evenly.
– Use a metal brush and compressed air to clean the housing.

Suck Some Overflown Fluids Out     Rotors can be turned for $20


Turn the piston counter clockwise to compress     Compress piston all the way in


– Install new inner pad with sensor cable. The sensor connector has a key, so mount it on the bracket with the key locked.

Insert New Brake Pads     Fit Retainer Spring Back

Sensor has key     ABS sensor need to be cleaned


– Place the outer pad and put back the caliper, tighten the 2 hex bolts, put back the safety spring. The trick is to put the spring hooks in halfway first, the top spring in then use the long nose pliers to stretch the lower one in. Lightly tap the spring hooks and the springs in place TOTALLY.
– This is also the time to check the ABS sensor behind the wheel, remove it SLOWLY & FIRMLY (rotate side to side while pulling) and clean.

ABS Sensor needs to be cleaned     Mintex Brake Pads


– Get in the car, start the engine, make sure it’s in park, press the brake pedal a few times to lower the brake fluid level and see if the piston is pushed out and NO LEAK.
– Turn off the engine, remove the 2 lugs securing the rotor, put back the wheel, lower the jack and tighten ALL LUGS with correct torque. I estimate mine. Put back all the lug covers.


– Now go to the other side to replace the rotor & pads.

– The rotors for 98 A8 are Zimmerman 312×25 mm from //www.autohausaz.com for $63.88 each  8D0615301J
– The pads for 98 A8 are Meyle semi metallic VWW059023 for $56.71. E3 90R-01 1031.

Cheers and hope your cars run well,

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