Add Freon To Nissan Altima 2.5L AC System

A friend of mine’ Nissan Altima 2.5 L AC doesn’t blow old air any more – it’s getting hot and the car needs some Freon added. It is a simple procedure – With all car AC system, always find the low side port – Normally, the port connector will fit the connector on the charging hose. The high side should be much bigger and it won’t fit. It’s best to use charging hose with AC gauge and check the pressure before charging.

low side port     connect the setup

The can side has a pin on top of the can – after screwing the can in the connector – we need to turn the pin knob all the way into the can to punch a hole in it. Make sure the other end of the hose is connected to the low port first or the freon will leak out. When everything is ready to proceed, unscrew the pin knob (counter clockwise) all the way out for the freon to flow through the hose to the AC port.

Turn on the engine and AC at MAX to suck the freon from the can. We also need to check the can to see if it’s empty by shaking it from time to time. The outside of the can should be colder than normal because of the Freon.

turn on engine and AC     disconnect from the low port

California  environmental hypocrites are trying to ban do-it-yourself freon adding – make sure to get a few of these cans before they’re out. Now it costs $15 for a 12 oz can with a $10 core charge – 


  • what if instead of having it on max cool it was on all heat setting while charging the a/c ….what hap[pens?

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