Cabriolet Top Doesn’t Close/Open – Remote – Latch Trunk Don’t Work

My sister got my cabriolet – she lives on a hill – Many people who own Audi cabriolet don’t know that they shouldn’t operate the top on the incline – it doesn’t mean that never – but it will throw a faulty code and if the hydraulic system is weak – battery is low – the top will not open or close or complete its cycles – you will have an opened or closed top stuck –

The sign of being stuck is the POWER TRUNK – it won’t open with the latch – only with a key – it won’t open with the remote or the from the door switch –

If you take it to the dealer and think that the trunk solenoid is bad – no it may not be the case – Here is how to fix the top without spending money – and trust me – shop or dealer will not do this for free and they will find things wrong to charge you for it – How much would a shop charge you for reset the top?

You need 2 people – because the top is heavy – The ignition doesn’t have to be on. If you turn on the ignition, make sure you have a charger to charge the battery – And DO NOT put the charger negative directly to the negative post – clip it on to the BODY somewhere conductive (a bolt).

1. Use the manual key to lock the top down – as in TOP Up closed position. – like it’s raining.
A4 Top
2. Roll down the windows front and rear completely to avoid hurting yourself climbing in or out the back.
3. Use the manual key to unlock the top as if it’s going to open (TOP Down). remove the manual key and move it to the back seat –
4. Push the top back not too hard until the back windows starts to lift up – one person needs to lift it up while you’re opening the top – the top is designed to buckle up at both ends –
A4 Top
5. Now – one person hold the back all the way up like the picture – the other goes in the back – remove the center cover – stick the key to the hole to open the top cover – open by turning CC – it will lift the cover up a few inches – leave the key there – go outside and lift the cover up totally vertical –
A4 Top

A4 Top
6. Now you can fold the top down into the space behind the seat – make sure it’s lowered to store the whole top – the lever to lower is in the trunk. Make sure the top is folded down nicely – no forcing if something get stuck anywhere – push the top down and close the top cover – go inside the car – turn the key clockwise to lock it down until it clicked -. Now the TOP open sequence is COMPLETED.
7. Turn counter clockwise to open deck lid (top cover) again –
top lid cover
Lift the decklid UP vertical again.
8. NOW – 2 people – one on each side to lift the top up – slowly and evenly – all the way up –
manual key
9. Lift the back window all the way up – lower the decklid now – lower the back window – go inside and lock the decklid with the key again – clockwise until it clicked. Take the key out – move to the front.
10. Lock the top down with the key – miracle does happen at this time – the power trunk will work – then you know – it’s done.
lock the top

When the top is up and open, we should check all the sensors and cables to make sure they’re in place before completing the top.

G356 Top Frame sensor     Other sensor

hydraulic hose and cable     cable guide

hydraulic hose and cable      cable guide

hydraulic hose and cable      cable guide

hydraulic hose and cable      cable guide

hydraulic hose and cable      cable guide

hydraulic hose and cable      cable guide

hydraulic hose and cable      cable guide

Cheers, save money and time due to idiot stuff we did,



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