Audi MMI

Audi MMI started in 2005 for A6 and A8 – Multi Media Interface.

Audi MMI cluster

This page is dedicated to MMI.

1. Spilled coffee on the MMI controls?

2. Update MMI Software to 4610?



3. Hidden Menu Enabled using VCDS (VAG-COM).



4. Enable Battery Meter using VCDS (VAG-COM).




Pairing iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 with MMI version 4610

AMI (Audi Music Interface) after market.

This is the newer version of my AMI


4 thoughts on “Audi MMI”

  1. Help! I bought a 2012 A4 without navigation. I was told by dealership the iPhone 5 would work fine. Bluetooth only allows calls and no music. Can’t find lightening connector to glovebox plug anywhere online. Want music. Would like video. Love to show my tomtom app on screen too. Please- I need some direction.

    1. Hello Tim,
      Audi bluetooth doesn’t support music or videos – even 2012? I know Toyota and Hyundai support these functions. If you want music, you need the AMI from Audi or cheaper after market one that must have MOST bus (fiber optic cables). Now for the video to display on MMI is another story, lot of work for that. Not much you can do here with the current MMI system.



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