Dealer Scam 2013

When they say “it’s too good to be true, most of the time it is”, I was in the market for an A8 D3, by looking through I found a great car for a great price, I was skeptical but still excited, a scam.

Average market values for a 07 A8 with low miles are between $27k to $35k  dependent upon how excellent the condition of the cars and how much the owner love their cars.

The scam dealer advertised its car for $20,499 with only 22,450 miles and the pictures are for almost a brand new car.

tune     tune

tune      tune

I contacted through and ask to make sure it’s not misprinted price or mileage on this car and the email came back confirming the price. I called the number to talk to the dealer, it was a message, then he called me back (it’s real?). We talked about the car, I told him I wanted to fly to Portland Airport and asked him to pick me up so I could drive the car home last weekend since there’s no flight to CVO. The thing that struck me was “No, you can’t pick up the car today, it normally takes 3-4 days to do the paperwork and SAT, banks are not opened…”. What? all dealers would love to sell the car the same day, especially with full advertised price. All dealers should have check guarantee system to accept personal check, even finance if needed, why do they need the banks to be opened? What kind of dealers take 3-4 days to sell a car?

Besides all these illogical stuff, the scam dealer was very well prepared, the car has an autocheck copy and additional pictures of the car in pdf. He sent everything to me and all he asked is for me to email him back with “full name, physical address” to start with the paperwork. I never did. I Google the address and it’s a junk yard.

tune tune

tune tune

A few days later, sent me an email, taking the ad down due to fraudulent suspicion.


It would be a little late if I didn’t catch the scam right away. It’s also nice to for you.


  • Wow, glad you were cautious enough to not get taken by this scmbag. Thanks for posting this here and on Audiworld.
    I am “Atomic*” on there. I have a 2004 A8L and I just love it. I appreciate your input on AW.

    Regarding your website; do you document every single thing you do? Have you sought help? ;^)


    • Truly, I was so disappointed when it wasn’t a real deal. I talked to the guy and he seemed too reluctant to sell and just want my information. Yes, I do document everything I do so I can come back to read when I need the information. Thanks Tom.

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